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Why You’re Not Spending Your BizX

December 16, 2019 | Written by Lauren Simmons

Why Not? written on rural road


You’ve connected with members in the BizX community and gained a new customer base! You’ve made the sale! Now you’ve got a balance in your account—but you haven’t quite figured out how to use those funds. Or, maybe you tried, but ran into a roadblock and it seemed like too much of a hassle. Either way, you’re still spending cash—and NOT you BizX! Most likely, you don't know what to spend it on. BizX is here to help.

Is this you?

  • Planning a Holiday party—now or in the new year?
  • Are you looking to hire a consultant to help better your business?
  • Are you planning for 2020 media?
  • Looking to recognize your employees?
  • Taking a client (friend, family, or yourself) to lunch?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have the resources for you with BizX, and since you have the funds, why not use them?

There are over 6,000 members in our network. There are ample opportunities to use your BizX balance. BizX is a tool that can have a real impact on your business and cashflow. Below are some of the best ways you can spend your balance now. Check out how and read the impact that this has had on members in the community.

1. Plan an Event

Top notch event plannersand vendorscan help you plan the party you’re looking to wow your employees, family and friends. Check out our event dealson the marketplace, or fill out the event form.

We also have multiple caterers as well as vast selection of Wines, Spirits and Beers. Whatever you need to keep your guest celebrating.

“One of the things that we use BizX for quite a bit are employee functions – so Christmas parties, rafting… it’s talked about for weeks. If we weren’t part of the BizX program, there’d be a ton of things we wouldn’t do. Happy employees are definitely making better product, which makes the customers real happy. And BizX really helps us make the employees happy.”Industry Sign & Graphics

2. Invest back in your Business?

Consultants: Our list of highly skilled community of consultants can help with things like, marketing, credit management,accounting, and more. Partner with these member’s cash free, set a course to improve your business in 2020.

“So typically our BizX clients come to us when they want a partner in their recruiting process but they still want to be an active contributor to that recruiting process. Using BizX allows a CEO or a hiring manager to focus on what they do best which is growing their business and it allows them an opportunity to partner with an award-winning industry leader like Another Source and together we can form a great partnership that benefits their business without taking time away from what they do best.

When I meet a CEO or a hiring manager or some type of business owner on the street and we’re talking about business objectives and cash flow and pains or opportunities within the business, I tend to always mention BizX because I have found it to be a great opportunity to take advantage of avenues and mediums that sometimes aren’t available or budgeted for.”Another Source

3.Grow your Customer Base

Media is another key area to grow your business. From print, to digital, to television—reach each of your customers where they are, without spending a dollar. Use your BizX!

“What BizX has mostly helped me do is build my business with customers that may not be in the area or know anything about who I am. It’s business that you just would not have had so that money is kind of free money to do things that will allow you to actually take more BizX money in, because if you have more business expenses then you can take more BizX and keep growing your company and it’s not any cash out of your pocket.”AA Auto Service Center

4.Recognize your employees

PERKS accounts allow you to recognize your employees in a quick, easy, meaningful way to recognize your employees. Simply open an accountand immediately your employee is given the designated amount of BizX dollars that they can spend. You recognize your employee and continue to build the economy of the BizX community.

“The biggest challenge was having the cash flow to bonus our staff…They work really hard and we like to be able to run contest with incentives to drive our sales and offer great perks to our staff… I really liked the idea of being able to use it for perks for our staff… We can basically use it to service our basic business needs and use it for growth potential.”Something Silver

5. Take a client out to lunch

Use BizX at hundreds of local restaurants! Whether you’re looking to get a quick bite or wine and dine a potential client, BizX has you covered. From gift cardsto many restaurantsthat accept the BizX card, there will always be an option for you.

“One of the best perks about BizX is when you go out to dinner… When the check comes I’ll just pick it up for them all, so that really goes a long ways.”Creative Media Alliance

BONUS: Donate to Charity.

The holiday season is the time to feel grateful for our successes and give to those whom are less fortunate. To this end, you can find many ways to give in the BizX network. The Boys & Girls Clubs of OaklandHabitat for HumanityThe Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research and Miracle Babies, to name a few. A donation of BizX dollars enables a non-profit to off-set operational expenses. BizX charities are then able to utilize BizX dollars in a variety of ways, creating real change and exponentially helping their bottom line. We encourage everyone to consider donating, if you can!

PLUS—BizX Everyday: Dry Cleaning, Auto Repair, Apparel, and more!

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