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Topic: Management

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7 Ways to Protect Your Time While Still Supporting Your Team

September 11, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

There is not enough time in the day. It's the most important resource any of us have! Which is why time management is one of the biggest challenges in the workplace today. 

To protect your time, you need to be merciless with how you manage it, but you don't want to convey that same ferocity to your team. Here are 7 ways to protect your time, while protecting your teammates at the same time. 

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4 Ways To Stay Motivated And Grow Your Business

May 24, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

Growing a business is a roller coaster of emotions and energy. Here are 4 things numerous entrepreneurs have done to stay motivated through it all. They come from lifelong entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor Michael Glauser, as he shared with Entrepeneur magazine.

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How To Make Meetings Better (When You're Not In Charge)

May 13, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

I remember the first time I heard the phrase "managing up." It was at that point I realized that you can improve things you're not necessarily in charge of. That applies to meetings too.

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5 Ways To Make Your Office A Happy Place To Work

May 9, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

Silicon Valley has figured out how to make offices a happy place to work, but having an on-site chef isn't realistic for most companies. Do these 5 things and your company will be a happy place to work.

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7 Mistakes Even The Best Networkers Make

May 5, 2016 | Written by Jen Park

Networking isn't easy. It even has the word "work" built right in. You can "work" smarter at networking by avoiding these 7 mistakes.

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