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How to Process a BizX Transaction

Jan 30, 2019 3:13:32 PM | Written by Salina Shugarts

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Watch the video or follow the steps! Running a BizX transaction has NEVER BEEN EASIER!


  1. From your desktop or mobile device go to

  2. Login using with your BizX email and password.
    Log in Image
  3. Now, you can charge the buyer:
    • Enter 7-digit card number (if unsure, contact buyer to retrieve card number)
    • Amount (total BizX charge)
    • Note (what is this bill for?)

  4. Click SUBMIT.
    Charge a Card
  5. THAT'S IT!  View the transaction details from the completed transaction. 
    Card Charged
  6. Click “Charge Another Card”  to process another transaction. 


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