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Seven Ways to Self-Improve

December 9, 2015 | Written by Shannon Roberts

Life can get pretty hectic with our crazy schedules, family activities and other obligations. Sometimes just fitting everything in that needs to be done can seem overwhelming. But no matter what your schedule says, make sure you have time for yourself to improve and grow. Here are some simple suggestions to get you started.  BizX_Blog_Self_Help_Self_Improvement.jpg

Write Down Your Goals

Writing down dreams and goals is a very effective way of beginning the process for your passion. It could be expanding your business, traveling to a certain area of the world, learning a new language or something else that has a piece of your heart. Never get too busy to keep dreaming. Write it down. Let it marinate in your thoughts so that it can eventually become a reality.

Find a New HobbySelf_Help_BizX_blog_Self_Improvement.jpg

Finding a new hobby can do wonders for your emotional and mental health. It is a way to relieve stress and really, forget about everything that may be going on for a little while. My father, who owns an HVAC company, recently began refurbishing classic cars and re-selling them. When he started diving into it, he found an immense release and joy in tackling a long-time dream. What have you been wanting to do for a while that you’ve never started? Why wait? Make time for new activities.

Wake Up Earlier

Mornings are some of the most productive hours you will have in your day. Of course, we all have to wake up early and get ready for our jobs. But perhaps you haven’t had time to work on that project, pick up that book and read or just have time to yourself to think and reflect. Consider waking up an hour earlier and set aside that much needed you-time.

Get the Guidance You Need

Whether you feel like a pretty healthy person emotionally and mentally or you feel like there may be some “soul scars” that have affected your outlook on life, there is no shame in getting help. I encourage you to consider reaching out to a life coach or a counselor. It may be a bit intimidating to take that step, but realize that no matter how healthy we are, we can always improve. There’s always someone out there who knows more than we do and can help us in our journey. If you feel the need to grow or receive some guidance, don’t let fear hold you back. There are people there to help you!

BizX_Blog_Self_Improvement_Self_Help.jpgFace Your Fears

Are your fears holding you back? When was the last time you faced a fear, whether rational or irrational? It could be something like spiders or heights, or it could be facing conflict with another individual. There is something about the experience of facing, and overcoming, a fear that has held you back from certain experiences in life that really makes you feel like you’re living. You can do more than you think you can. Get that heart pounding and realize you’ve only got one life to live, so live it!

Help the Helpless

It’s easy to always want what we don’t have, but it’s so necessary to stop, take inventory of what we DO have and be grateful for it. One of the best ways to do this is to show kindness and charity to the needy. Perspective brings appreciation for our blessings. Never be too busy to give money, clothes, food or time to those who may not know where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep that night.

Let Go of the Past

Lastly, and probably most importantly, let go of the past. We’ve all made mistakes and we’ve all been wronged by someone. But we can’t move forward in life if we are constantly looking backward. Whatever it may be, realize that nothing and no one is worth holding back your progress.

Today is a fresh new page and you get to decide what will be written down. Life is too short to not give it all you have. Start a new page, a new story and believe in yourself. You’re worth it!

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