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Tony Robbins: How to Make Employees into Leaders

April 26, 2018 | Written by Tony Robbins


A blog article by BizX Member Tony Robbins.

You may only think of leadership in the context of how you lead your business, but in fact, this is a critical error that you should avoid. Leadership should be part of the everyday culture of your business. Employees at all levels of the company can lead, and when they do practice great leadership in their work, they will enjoy greater empowerment.

Follow these tips for turning employees into leaders and increase your company’s productivity as your empowered employees take charge:

Read the recap below, or link to the full blog here.

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Business Resources

Cold Calling Is Not a Selling Act

April 18, 2018 | Written by James Alberson

Ask salespeople to list their least favorite selling activities, and you can count on “prospecting” being at the top of the list. And, the least favorite of all prospecting activities is unquestionably making  cold calls.

The reasons may be prospects have an unending list of excuses for dismissing salespeople before the prospecting call conversation actually gets started. Those prospects who do listen to what the salesperson has to say still say that they’re not interested, regardless of how many features, functions, benefits, or advantages the salesperson mentions. Why is this?

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BizX Community

Newest BizX Members for April!

April 3, 2018 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

BizX is more than a company,  BizX is a collaboration. This past month, almost 50 new members joined this growing collaboration! Check out all these members that joined the community, giving you more ways to spend your BizX and potential new customers to meet for the upcoming year!

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Member Spotlight | Success Stories

Oakland A’s Hit Home Runs with BizX!

March 28, 2018 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

Everyone knows who the Oakland A's are. They are one of the oldest professional baseball teams and they've been an Oakland staple since 1968. The Athletics have won nine World Series championships, the third-most of all current MLB teams.

The Oakland Athletics are also BizX members.

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Business Resources

Entrepreneur Magazine: Find the Best Leads in That CRM Software Nobody Is Really Using

March 27, 2018 | Written by Entrepreneur Magazine


Stores around the country are looking to make more sales and increase revenue, but many are failing. Why is this?  Quit making introductory offers to strangers and start engaging with past customers happy they did business with you.

 Read recap below, or link to the full article here.

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