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Member Spotlight: La Jolla Sports Club

July 30, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

La Jolla Sports Club Blog Header

La Jolla Sports Club was born out of owner Brett Murphy’s commitment to wellness and a passion for entrepreneurship he inherited from his parents. The club, located in La Jolla, California, offers cycling, yoga, high-intensity interval training, Pilates, barre, adult fitness, zumba and dance and group meditations in a modern, 23,000 sq ft space with top-of-class amenities like equipment for all skill levels, child care facilities, adept physical therapy, sports rehabilitation etc.

For a cash flow business like La Jolla Sports Club, BizX has proven indispensable with readily-available partnerships with other community members in lieu of BizX dollars.

“What would you do if you wanted major improvements for a cash flow business?” asks Brett Murphy as he talks about the value additions he implemented in his club with help from the BizX community.

“Instead of getting a loan and paying big interest rates, I used the BizX network of fellow business-owners to share and avail of goods and services without spending hard cash on them. With BizX, for example, we were able to get cameras installed throughout the club and have an IT company come in and take care of tech details for us. It [BizX] is a great product and I believe in it.”

Brett Murphy sells memberships to his health club, and BizX members can get a variety of services such as physical therapy and personal training in exchange for BizX dollars.

He also owns San, a thriving destination travel website that offers deals, promotions, and a wealth of editorials that help site viewers make travel plans to San Diego with local hotels, vacation rental companies, restaurants, entertainment, and so much more.

Visit La Jolla Sports Club and San to find out more!



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