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Yay! BizX Launches the Member Care Team

May 14, 2015 | Written by Tom Frazier

Customer Service – it’s all the rage and if your company isn’t offering the best customer support and service, you’ll be passed over for one that is. Poor customer service caused 78% of consumers to not complete a transaction according to a survey conducted by American Express.Core_values_BizX_Member_Care

We want to give you the support you deserve.

So, we have built a dedicated group of specialists, the Member Care Team, to assist our members with a variety of things from running transactions to booking your next great vacation. Our priority is to:

  • offer timely solutions and help to our members' frequently asked questions
  • be available for any request
  • help educate you on being more self-sufficient within the network
  • and of course to make sure each and every person has an exceptional member experience

Now all you need to do is send all your inquiries to help@bizx.com. We’ll make sure it gets to the right person or department. Too hard? We also have livechat. Still too hard?! We'd like you to meet the tried and true Mr. Telephone - (800) 939-BIZX (2499).

Through satisfaction, innovation and efficiency we want to make you into a raving fan of what we do here. Stay tuned... there are many more improvements we have in the works to make the BizX experience even brighter.

Take a look at some our raving fans and how we've helped them!



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