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Reward Your Employees Without Spending Cash

Dec 19, 2016 2:25:31 PM | Written by Matt Beuschlein

Open a Perk account for your Friends Family or Employees and BizX will give them an extra 25 BizX!

Your employees are the face and lifeblood of your company. They are in the trenches every day making sure your company and dream continue to flourish. Show how much you appreciate all of their hard work by opening a BizX Perk account for them and give them the freedom to choose what to buy this holiday season by giving them BizX dollars of their own to spend anywhere BizX is accepted!  Open one before the holidays and BizX will add $25 BizX to their account. 
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“The BizX Perks program allows you to show your appreciation for your employees without hurting your bottom line.”

Perk accounts are essentially sub accounts created under your main account. Transfers from your account can then be made into these Perks accounts at any time in any amount.

But what can they buy?

A BizX Perk account can buy anything that is available on the BizX Marketplace or use BizX anywhere that accepts the BizX card. Here are some of the more popular items that your employees, friends and family might be interested in!

  • Restaurants that Accept the BizX Card – dine at any of these restaurants and pay with BizX!
  • Travel – we have access to hotels, resorts, vacation homes and more all over the world.
  • Wine – With over 15 wineries to choose from, there are selections to please every palate.
  • Health & Beauty – schedule your next massage, hair cut or facial today.
  • Gift Certificates – with so many to choose from, you'll have a great time treating yourself, family or friends.

What will it cost?

Your employees will never pay a fee to BizX unless they elect to have items shipped to them or if they spend more than the amount in their account. Transferring money into a Perk account is the same as purchasing anything on BizX, according to your existing BizX fee plan.

..But the taxes?

With a BizX Perk account we do not collect tax information, therefore we do not send a 1099B. For Perk accounts, you can elect whether or not you want to have BizX report all transfers to the IRS. If you elect to have BizX report the income, you are not responsible for reporting it in your payroll. It’s advised that you check with your accountant if you have further questions.

Show your friends, family and employees just how much you appreciate them this holiday season by giving them a BizX Perk account!


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