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Enjoy Your Friday... Shop SMALL Business Saturday with BizX!

Nov 21, 2016 5:08:40 PM | Written by Daniel Kosh

Small Business Saturday Blog header.jpg


At  BizX, we’re all about tradition. But not all traditions are created equally.. For example, the tradition of waking up the day after Thanksgiving, at 4AM, and rushing to your local big box retailer to get in line and be the FIRST to score that late model flat screen for a few percentage points below the EverDayLowPrice. This isn't for us. We can get behind traditions like spending the Friday after thanksgiving lolling around the house, watching football with family, and taking it EASY. Then waking up on Saturday and coming out in support of another great American institution–the SMALL BUSINESS.  

So with this in mind, we have taken the conscious step this year to forego the typical Black Friday hoopla, encouraging both you and our team members to spend time with loved ones and reflect on all we have to be thankful for. Instead, we will turn our attention to what we are truly passionate about - small businesses–with the launch of SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!  

Be sure to check out the BizX Marketplace, where many of our best members will be promoting their goods and services at rarely seen prices! This is the opportunity to capture a double whammy of good.. Get the things that will improve your business and your life, and support your local small business at the same time!Small Business Saturda.jpg

From wine and gift certificates, to TVs and dream cars, BizX has what you need.  

But come early! Don’t delay! All items are in limited supply and will be going fast!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Small Business Saturday, and remember:

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We are in this together, for each other. We are the business of community.  We are BizX. 

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