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Member Spotlight: AA Auto Service Center

Aug 20, 2019 10:25:00 AM | Written by Matt Beuschlein

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Aaron Muller believes in good, old-fashioned service. AA Auto Service Center in Redmond WA, is a place where customers go to get the best of modern auto repair technology, served with a smile and a customer service that leads with the heart.

Aaron bought the company in 2000, when it was making $400,000 annually in sales. In spite of having no prior experience in the auto repair industry, Aaron nearly doubled the shop’s revenues in just one year with computerized systems, high-tech operating systems, incentive plans for employees and of course, good, old-fashioned customer service.

The repair center offers free car wash and vacuuming with service, same-day scheduling, free loaner cars, free 3-mile radius shuttle service to get you back home or to work, and before and after hours to drop off your keys, no matter when your emergency is. 

“What BizX has mostly helped me do is build my business with customers that may not be in the area or know anything about who I am,” says Aaron about his time as part of BizX, a community he joined in 2004.

“It’s mostly business you would not otherwise have had, so that money is kind of free money to do other things with. You can take more BizX and keep growing your company and it’s not any cash out of your pocket.”

Over the years, Aaron has been really impressed with the way BizX keeps increasing their customer service and offerings. “They’re a really good company and I’m very happy with them,” he says.

Visit AA Auto Service Center to find out more.


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