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Member Spotlight: Knockout PC Repair

Sep 17, 2015 8:32:28 AM | Written by David Larson

Your computer freezes, shuts off, or just generally does something that it shouldn’t - what do you do?

If you are anything like me, you sit and wonder. Then you might try turning it on and off again. After that, it’s time to start looking for help.

If your computer breaks down, much like if your car breaks down, who are you going to call? Not Ghostbusters, the guy you call is Gilbert Cerda of Knockout PC Repair.Knockout_PC_Repair_BizX_Blog_Gilbert_Cerda

“I service and repair computers, and I have my own business operating out of Walnut Creek,” says Cerda. “I wanted to fill some of the free time that I had during the day, and make sure that I was maximizing my efforts. As a small business owner, I want to make sure I’m always doing the right things, and so one day I decided to do some research online. I came upon BizX, watched some of the videos on how it works, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

So after seeing the BizX advertisement, what did Cerda do?

“Well, as a computer guy, the first thing I did was I went online to the website at,” said Cerda, who has been a member since 2012. “The process was super easy… I filled out the required information, and it took about five minutes of my day. Easy enough, right?”

Within a couple days, someone from BizX had already reached out; welcoming Cerda to the network.

“I have to be honest, I definitely had some more questions about how it all would work. I wanted to know what I could do with my BizX money, the best places for me to spend….as a small business owner I’m always looking to cut costs wherever possible.”BizX_Blog_Knockout_PC_Repair_Gilbert_Cerda

Cerda had a face-to-face meeting with his BizX account manager, and at that meeting they went through a list of spending needs. That is, Cerda went through all of his monthly business expenses – and some personal – and highlighted those that he could start using his BizX on.

From Raiders season tickets, to lodging, to other items he could pass out as gifts during the holidays, Cerda was able to quickly save a significant amount of cash.

The owner of Knockout PC had more questions – like “how I can I get my first member?” Cerda remembers.

His BizX cards had arrived in the mail, his online storefront set-up in the marketplace. Now, he was wondering the best way to get his first BizX client.

Cerda was patient, and within the first two weeks, a BizX member had a laptop that had mysteriously faded to black. It wouldn’t turn on. They went online to the BizX website, and in the search bar, typed in “computer repair.” Sure enough, Knockout PC Repair came up, and the member called Cerda directly.

“It was so cool,” Cerda remembers. “I had my first client within a couple week of joining. I was able to go on a service call, meet a really cool new business and get them the help they needed. The only difference really from a cash job was that at the end, I sent the invoice to BizX for payment. It was so simple; now I understand why there are so many members.”

In the past three years, Cerda has done thousands in business with BizX. A lot of his jobs have resulted in positive Yelp reviews, as well as cash referrals from members who refer him to their friends.

“The benefits of joining BizX are vast. It’s adding value. It’s referrals. It’s building your presence in the community. It’s making sure that your business is running to its full potential. It’s been great,” Cerda said.

From doing some research three years ago, to now singing the praises of a BizX membership, Knockout PC and Repair has shown that a BizX membership certainly pays off. In more ways than one.

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