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Member Spotlight: Heritage Blossom's

Sep 17, 2015 8:15:01 AM | Written by Shannon Roberts

Every business owner has their own story for how they came to where they are today. It probably all started with a dream. That appeal of "being your own boss" and calling all the shots does have a ring to it. But very few know what it is like to own a company before they are hardly old enough to drink. Meet Makayla Thom, the 21-year-old owner of Heritage Blossom's. In the past year she's bought her own company, taken a trip to Italy, jumped into the learning curve of running a shop, oh, and of course, become a member of BizX. Heritage_Blossoms_BizX_Blog_Mikalya_Thom

"My inspiration is my father. Seeing him own his own company growing up, I realized he had flexibility and could run things the way he wanted to." 

She started in the floral industry three years prior and discovered a passion for designing arrangements. After moving into the Seattle area only a couple years ago, she became employed at a small, local flower shop. The owner quickly saw her passion and drive for the business and within a few short months, offered to sell her the business. Her first reaction? "Absolutely not! I don't think I'm ready to own my own business." But after some time to mull it over, and after discussing it with her father, who is also a business owner, she came to the realization that this was what she wanted to do. 

"I wouldn't own a company if I wasn't passionate about it. I am passionate about flowers and design." 

Since becoming the owner, it's been a journey of obstacles and lessons for Makayla, learning how and what to order, how to manage the business side and how to make this shop her own, steering it in the direction that she has always dreamed. Taking the current model and shaping it into something that was unmistakably her has been a daunting challenge, but she seems to have done it with finesse. She knew she wanted original, fresh and modern designs. She knew that she had to get the business working like a well-oiled machine online on a newly created website. It took some time and exploration to figure out, first of all, what was her design aesthetic and then how to make that happen. It’s been a series of lessons, but not only has she become an unmistakable success, but she’s also loving it.  Heritage_Blossoms_Mikalya_Thom_BizX_Blog

"I've learned you have to be humble. The customer always has priority."

When asked about her plans for the future of Heritage Blossom's, she answers with confidence. "I would love to expand to a few more shops, especially in downtown Bellevue and Seattle. I want to do more high end designs and do corporate and special events. But for right now, I just want to stay where I'm at and give myself some time to figure everything out." Good thinking, Makayla. I think you've got time. 

When asked about BizX, she lights up. "BizX has been so awesome. David Grant reached out to me about some advertising opportunities. You guys are really good at keeping track of me and showing me things that will be beneficial for my business." With a new flow of customers coming her way, she has been able to utilize her BizX for new product photos, advertising, restaurants and more. And even in all of that, she feels like she's only touched the surface of what BizX can do.

What’s next on the agenda for this young entrepreneur you may ask? At this point, her options are endless. We’re looking forward to seeing where the future takes her and anticipate many great stories ahead! 

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