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Yay! BizX Launches the Member Care Team

May 14, 2015 4:14:00 PM | Written by Tom Frazier

Customer Service – it’s all the rage and if your company isn’t offering the best customer support and service, you’ll be passed over for one that is. Poor customer service caused 78% of consumers to not complete a transaction according to a survey conducted by American Express.Core_values_BizX_Member_Care

We want to give you the support you deserve.

So, we have built a dedicated group of specialists, the Member Care Team, to assist our members with a variety of things from running transactions to booking your next great vacation. Our priority is to:

  • offer timely solutions and help to our members' frequently asked questions
  • be available for any request
  • help educate you on being more self-sufficient within the network
  • and of course to make sure each and every person has an exceptional member experience

Now all you need to do is send all your inquiries to We’ll make sure it gets to the right person or department. Too hard? We also have livechat. Still too hard?! We'd like you to meet the tried and true Mr. Telephone - (800) 939-BIZX (2499).

Through satisfaction, innovation and efficiency we want to make you into a raving fan of what we do here. Stay tuned... there are many more improvements we have in the works to make the BizX experience even brighter.

Take a look at some our raving fans and how we've helped them!



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