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Introducing the BizX App

May 9, 2013 11:07:51 AM | Written by Austin Yuen

BizX AppWe are pleased to share that the free BizX App is here and ready to use. Never before has it been easier for our members to use BizX on the go. Whether you are looking for a nearby BizX restaurant, hotel, or spa or want to use BizX dollars to pay for your advertising campaigns, office improvement projects or healthcare expenses, the BizX App has you covered.

The BizX App makes it simple, easy and safe to:
+ Locate BizX members near you based on your specific location
+ Search and locate other BizX members quickly
+ Send and receive payments from other BizX members instantly
+ View BizX account history quickly

The BizX App is currently designed for the iPhone and iPad. Download today and learn why BizX members are raving about this App.

Available at App store


"Being new to BizX, the BizX App been an awesome tool to find BizX members near me! I didn't know there were so many great local BizX restaurants!"
- BizX member, 2013

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