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Continuing BizX Growth in 2013 and Beyond

Apr 16, 2013 4:00:54 AM | Written by Austin Yuen

Since 2002, we’ve focused on making businesses and individuals more efficient and prosperous. We’ve come a long way and have grown immensely, thanks to our members, hard work and dedication. Now, we are happy to announce that we’ve raised our first outside round of financing from prominent angel investors that will enable us to significantly ramp-up our growth and enhance the BizX customer experience.

What exactly does this mean for our members? It means that we will be (and have been) working day and night to introduce cool new products and features, such as mobile apps, enhanced search, online self-serve options, public marketplace, electronic payment, e-gift cards and a loyalty program. It also means that we are ramping up our sales effort to expand BizX nationwide so members will have more businesses to trade goods and services with. In short, the BizX experience is only going to get easier and better and the community is going to get a lot bigger.

So, today we want to give a special thanks to our investors, our 2,200 member businesses and 8,000 individuals using BizX. Stay tuned…we’ve got lots of good stuff coming in 2013 and beyond!


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