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Google’s Small Business Road Map

July 18, 2019 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

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Digital Marketing is incredibly important for a business. Social media, your website, SEO, online advertising and email marketing are all pieces of digital marketing. Each piece represents your brand, helps bring in new leads, and educates customers. 

But where do you find the time? Business owners are busy. And with so many different digital marketing avenues, it's hard to know where to even start.

Google understands and they want to help you focus your efforts. Their Google for Small Business portal puts together a plan made specifically for your business.

There are the popular apps like Google Analytics and Google Ads; but then there are also one’s like Google Digital Garage, Google Domains and DoubleClick by Google. Where do you even start? What do those last ones even do?!

The Google for Small Business portal takes the guess work out of it and puts together a personal and customized list of actions to help better your business using their array of applications.

Essentially you enter a bit of information (name, website, answer a few Qs) and Google recommends what you should do and which of their programs that you should use to accomplish these new goals.  

The steps will be catered to wherever your business is at digitally. It may suggest launching an ad campaign, installing google analytics, or bolstering your online presence—it all depends on where your business is at in your digital strategy!

The Google for Small Business portal is an excellent tool for anyone that wants help with digital marketing!

Want to add a professional touch to your digital strategy? Check out the digital marketing rock stars we have in the BizX community! 


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