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Encouraging the Share, Not Just the Sale

October 29, 2015 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

Marketing is about communicating the value of a brand, product or service to consumers to attract new business. One of the best ways to communicate that message through existing fans. In today’s fast paces social media driven world, it’s often forgotten that one of marketing’s main goals is to get people to talking about the brand or message.

The real challenge is finding ways to incorporate a social element into your marketing campaigns to encourage people to share your content. Let’s take a step back and see how we can encourage people to talk about your company and your brand.Sharing_Social_Media_Share_BizX_Blog

Get the Customers Involved

Use a promotion that asks customers to get involved. Have them vote on the next item that will go on sale, pieces to include in a package or a new product or service to offer. This gives participants a sense of involvement, they get to pick what they prefer and rally behind a cause.

People feel more strongly for something they have helped create and are more likely to help a cause that they have directly contributed to, especially if it’s something they feel strongly about. This is also a great way to gauge the temperature within your target market and see how your customers feel about certain products. Use this to see what people want and what people don’t want. This is a great way to get customers involved while getting feedback at the same time.

Use Altruism to Your Advantage

People are inherently good, use it to your advantage. They want to help a cause or make a difference, and the easier it is, the more likely they are to participate.

Use social media and offer to donate 1 dollar to the charity or cause of your choosing in return for a like or a share. If done correctly this should be very well received and garner a lot of positive publicity for your brand.

Play to the Socializer in All of UsBizX_Blog_Sharing_Social_Media_Share

Humans are also very social beings and they love to be recognized for their expertise and achievements. Recognition is an incredibly powerful motivator, especially when used with social media.

Sharing someone’s message will make it more likely for them to share your message down the road. If they mention you in on social media, try and recognize them for that; thank them and try engaging with them. Using a tool like mention to thank people for sharing will help dramatically increase shares.

This will help enforce their love for your brand but also further spread your message with the world.

Turn your raving fans into brand ambassadors by rewarding them regularly and giving them ways to carry on your message.

Exclusivity Is a Powerful Motivator

Everyone wants to know something secret or special. Play to that side of people and offer unique or exclusive content in return for liking or sharing your page or post. People aren’t even necessarily always interested in the incentive, they just want to promote the company and show their peer group that they are in the know.

Whatever marketing campaign you decide to run or promote, make sure it has compelling reasons for people to share with their peers. It will stretch your marketing dollars, your reach and ultimately your revenue by drawing in new customers.

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