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Writer: Matt Beuschlein

Matt Beuschlein has spent the past 3 years at BizX doing a myriad of roles. He has a passion for business and marketing which started during his tenure at Washington State University where he graduated from in 2010.


The new face of BizX

June 24, 2014 | Written by Matt Beuschlein

As the world evolves customers needs change and grow, creating new opportunities for companies that embrace change. Like all successful companies, BizX has undergone many changes - launching of the online marketplace was the biggest and most noteworthy so far. Then, just a few months ago, BizX opened that same marketplace up to the public, creating an online ecommerce experience for all. To round out these pivotal steps, we reinvented the BizX persona by overhauling the logo, creating a recognizable currency symbol and revamping the website.

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