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Writer: Kevin Shoemaker

Kevin G. Shoemaker is an executive manager with strengths in leadership, brand mechanics, execution strategies and delivering results. He combines a 30-year passion for the hospitality industry with the strategic analysis and planning skills that result in the effective execution of his clients’ plans.

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Developing a Self-managed Team

October 15, 2015 | Written by Kevin Shoemaker

Employee turnover, especially in key management and team member positions, is killing the ability of small and medium sized companies to increase their top line sales and bottom line profitability. In my restaurant and hospitality consulting business, I have seen so much damage created by turn over, that I am surprised anyone is making money.

This has led me to revisit a management concept that every service and product delivery business should consider if they plan on being around for the long term, or are considering expanding their current operations– developing highly autonomousself–managed teams (SMT’s). This is not a new concept; variations of this leadership system or pieces of it have existed in service businesses for decades. 

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