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Writer: Arnold Shain

Arnold Shain is the founder of Restaurant Group, Inc. and is known as an “idea man.” His strong suits are concept development, branding and restaurant “rescues.” He helped develop the concepts for Cucina! Cucina!, Dragonfish Asian Café, and several others.

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A Recipe for Success - Events, Specials and Promotions

May 28, 2015 | Written by Arnold Shain


Everyone is looking for a deal, something that allows consumers to experience the illusion of savings when still spending money. From my many years of experience, if you are looking to attract more business, it is paramount that every restaurant have specialty food and beverage offerings. This can be done on a weekly or monthly basis with rotating items, but at the very least should be done for all major holidays. These offers resonate well with customers and help attract more guests, both new and old.

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How to Turn Your Restaurant Around

May 8, 2015 | Written by Arnold Shain

Restaurants are one of the hardest businesses to start - saving a struggling one is even harder. With all problems, it’s about the evaluation, developing a comprehensive plan and then working through the plan.

With the restaurants that I deal with, often times the self-evaluation is not objective enough. You don’t have to go down with your ship. Use these tips and suggestions coming from my years of experience to plug the holes and get back to smooth sailing.

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4 Ways to Promote Your Restaurant & Fill Your Seats

March 31, 2015 | Written by Arnold Shain

For a restaurant to thrive, it is imperative that a business engage directly with their patrons. It is no secret that owning a restaurant is difficult.  Cornell and the National Restaurant Association, found that 60% of restaurants fail in the first five years of operation. To keep business running, a restaurant owner must craft a compelling story around the experience offered instead of just promoting delectable entrees. Guests want to feel as though they are investing in something that benefits them as well as getting a steal of a deal. Today’s customer base struggles to remember a time before Google, restaurants are therefore forced to adapt to create different promotions encouraging guests through their doors.

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