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January 10, 2017

The Collaborative Economy – Our Year in Review

Posted by Matt Beuschlein

With 2016 in the rearview mirror and as we train our sights to the year ahead, Team BizX has done a bit of reminiscing and taken a look back at the past 12 months. Consider this nifty infographic from the BizX Marketing Department!

year-in-review-2016-final final.jpg 


What was hot, what was HOTTER!

2016 saw some awesome, interesting and amazing things get bought and sold within the BizX community. Using BizX dollars, members were able to invest over ¤200k in land. Several Harley Davidson motorcycles were bought, along with an Audi RS7 and an Aston Martin!

Over ¤226k was spent purchasing 903 pairs of sunglasses in 2016. Quite a lot between Seattle and the Bay Area!

Many heads of hair were trimmed using BizX in 2016. 3,024 haircuts were paid for using BizX. If you are one of the few still spending cash to get your haircut, then you better get with the program!

I knew BizX members enjoyed wine, I mean, who doesn’t? But I had no idea members in the BizX network bought 19,390 bottles of wine from 12 different wineries in 2016! Check the award winning section of wines and wineries the next time you try to buy wine.

Traveling with BizX

BizX members traveled all over the world in 2016, to the tune of ¤1.3 million. That’s right, BizX members spent ¤1.3 million BizX last year to visit 109 different places all over the world. We’re talking trips down to Mexico, across the country and even to the other side of the globe! 796 travel requests were fulfilled for an average price of ¤1,666 spent per request. How much cash did you spend traveling last year? See the world on BizX in 2017!

Big Happenings @ BizX

Big numbers weren’t the only thing to come out of 2016, BizX launched an app, a new website and moved offices! To say 2016 was a big year would be a bit of an understatement.

The BizX app makes it easier and more convenient for members to spend and use their BizX. It reduces friction by giving more visibility into the network and helps locate BizX members near your location. It also provides a way to instantly make and view transactions between BizX members.

Not only did we revamp our mobile presence, but we launched a new website as well! We’ve simplified our message and added a lot of member focused material to help people understand what BizX stands for and how it can help them improve their businesses and lives.

We closed out 2016 by moving into a new office space in Downtown Bellevue! If you haven’t come down to check it out, then you are missing out!

Savings, Spending and New Additions in 2016

Our members spent an amazing ¤88,079,880.62 this year across a whopping 64,000 transactions! That is 88 million in additional revenue that BizX members would not have otherwise had. By spending that 88 million in BizX dollars, they were able to save 88 million in cash. They put a whopping 88 million dollars back into their pockets because they used BizX to hire a caterer, travel the world, buy a Harley, remodel their bathroom, or any number of other things that were done using BizX in 2016.   

2016 was another banner year for growth too! The community saw 554 new members get added to the network. 554 new businesses and potential customers that bring new opportunities to an ever expanding BizX community.

Bonus with BizX in 2016 – A Perks Tale

BizX members handed out ¤654,000 in employee bonuses last year and created 181 new Perks accounts over the course of 2016. This means BizX members were able to give out ¤654,000 in employee bonuses last year, allowing their employees to spend BizX on the things they want and need to improve their lives. Bonus with BizX or give BizX dollars as a gift, even if cash is tight, by setting up BizX Perks accounts for your employees, friends and family members today!

Charitable to our Core

In 2016, the BizX community raised ¤319,318.67 for the 37 non-profits and charities in the BizX network. Thanks to the generosity of the BizX community, we raised almost 100k in the month of December alone between the silent auction at our 2016 Holiday Party and our Giving December campaign.year-in-review-2016-header-01.jpg

Member Satisfaction = 98%

BizX has an all-star Member Care team that helps BizX members with anything and everything they need, like running transactions, checking statements, booking travel or getting a listing created in the Ecommerce Marketplace.

These rock stars handled an astounding 15,355 requests in 2016 and received a 98% customer service rating while doing it. Not only do they work their hearts out, day in day out, helping BizX members and staff alike, but they get top marks doing it!

Ready to take the first step with BizX?



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