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June 27, 2016

A Letter to Our Members

Posted by Bob Bagga

Dear BizX members,

BizX began as an idea, born on a couch in my Downtown Seattle condo.  Our guiding purpose and singular motivator was simple but ambitious: we set out to improve the lives and businesses of our members.  In the 14 years since those early days, the world has changed, business has changed, but we remain steadfastly committed to this purpose.

BizX is a community – and like all communities, ours is only as strong as the members that comprise it.  Every day, we focus on developing ways to bring members together, creating avenues for you to interact with one another, and setting up opportunities for these interactions to result in transactions that benefit all.  Historically, this has manifested in paper directories and brochures, and heavily reliant on our team of Account Managers to guide members and facilitate these interactions.  There was no model or blueprint to guide our progress – so each day we came in ready to figure it out.

And despite some friction along the way, our members have remained committed to the BizX community and each other.  As a result of this commitment and the value you have found in BizX, we have processed over $100M BizX Dollars in member-to-member transactions and saved our members over $15M in cash.

These days, business moves at rapid pace and as business owners and operators, we strive to keep up with the forces of the market and the needs of our customers.  To help our members compete in this dynamic environment, we have dramatically increased our investment in technology to help our members transact more quickly, with increased ease and safety.

Today I am thrilled to share with you a major milestone in this effort: the launch of our new mobile app (now available on iOS and Android).  The principles behind the app were simple: members should be ultra-easy to find right now, BizX Dollars should be simple to spend, and new customers through the BizX network should be easy to attract.

The primary features of the app include:

  • Location based quick-search for members in a list or a map, and in-depth “store-front” data and contact information – all searchable by key words and complete with handy features to narrow the search
  • Category search function to narrow your selection by business vertical, e.g. Professional Services > Accounting and Tax Preparation, or Restaurants > Italian Restaurants
  • 3 payment options – proximity based payment, payment via email, and payment via card number (BizX cards continue as a method of payment as well)
  • Custom Invitations allowing members to invite non-members to join BizX; earning both the existing and new member $100 BizX Dollars as a thank you from us
  • Digital BizX card complete with full transaction history, putting control of the BizX balance comfortably into your hands

I want to thank you for being part of the BizX community.  Amazing members like you are what make this community so special, and I am thankful and privileged to be on this journey with you.BizX_app_Blog_Header_Pic.jpg

I hope you enjoy our new app and am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

With best wishes,






Bob Bagga

Want to learn more about the app? Find out how it was made!


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